SuperPet Video Contest! You Could Win Free SomaPet and PETCO Gift Cards!

Dear Pet Owners and Animal Lovers,

SomaLife would like to announce the SuperPet Video Contest!! Somalife will be offering free SomaPet to the pet owner with the best #SuperPet video along with $25 PETCO giftcards!

When does the contest start?

The contest will run weekly beginning in May and submissions will be considered Monday through Sunday.

What kind of video should I post?

If your pet has a super cool trick or quirky habit, record him or her and submit your video on the SomaPet Facebook Page! You have a backflipping fish? We want to see it! These are meant to be fun and can feature any type of pet!

The only thing we ask is that contestants do not to take videos off the Internet. You can start videos with “This is how my pet is super!” or introduce your pet in a similar way. We want to see how all of YOUR pets are super, so be a good human, and stick to the rules!

How does SomaLife pick a winner?

Well, we don’t! YOU do! All of SomaPet’s Facebook page visitors can ‘like’ the video they think is best. The video with the most ‘likes’ at the end of the week wins a free bottle of SomaPet and a $25 PETCO gift card. The winner will also be recognized on the SomaPet blog Hall of Fame with their video.

Now that you have the deets on the SuperPet contest, head on over to the SomaPet Facebook Page and share your videos!

Also, follow the conversation @RextheSuperPet for contest updates and results!

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5 Tips to Maintain Your Pet’s Health & Happiness

Maintaing your pet’s health can be simple and fun. You know how much your furry friend contributes to your own health, and if you don’t, then you’re in for some good news!

“Those of us who own pets know they make us happy. But a growing body of scientific research is showing that our pets can also make us healthy, or healthier.”

Read more about that here: Pet Therapy: How Animals and Humans Heal Each Other

As you can see keeping your pet happy and healthy means you are happier and healthier too. So make your pet a priority and work these easy tips into your daily routine.

1. Make sure to have regular, yearly vet check-ups for your pet. You’d think this an obvious one, but as Dr. Bill Swartz, an AAHA veterinarian states,

“A regular physical is the most overlooked pet health need today. Most people only take their pet to a veterinarian when a health problem already exists or for routine vaccinations. Preventive vaccinations and early detection of diseases are the keys to successfully treating your pet,” he added. Your veterinarian can conduct a comprehensive exam that includes a lab analysis, heart check, and dental exam.”

2. Take a work break, and walk your dog , cuddle, or just spend time with your pet for 5-10 minutes.  If you can’t break away from work during the day to do so, ask a neighbor or a friend to stop by and make sure your critter isn’t forgotten for 14 hours.  If you have a dog, and you work long hours, it’s worth it to hire that dog walker once a day. Leaving your dog beyond 8-10 hours is very hard on your dog’s bladder, and of course, they will begin to feel lonely after that long.

3.  Work with your veterinarian to come up with a diet and exercise plan to meet your pet’s individual needs.Your vet can help you to control portions based on your pet’s weight and breed.

“A study conducted by scientists at the Purina Pet Nutrition Research Department and specialists from universities around the United States shows that leaner pets live about two years longer than overweight pets. These eye-opening results prompt many people to take a second look at the food they provide for their pets.”

Just like humans, animals need exercise too. Dogs need at least one hour of exercise per day. Find some great tips to get your cat moving, here: How Can I Get My Lazy Cat to Exercise?

4. Make sure your pet’s home is safe. and the American Animal Hospital Association couldn’t put it better:

“Pet proofing your home can lower the risk of a serious pet accident occurring. A pet owner needs to be aware of several potential dangers. Poisons in the home that can kill or seriously injure your pet include some kinds of house plants (dieffenbachia, philodendron, hyacinth, and mistletoe), pesticides, and medications. Low electrical cords are extremely hazardous when chewed. Keep harmful objects out of your pet’s reach. A little prevention may be just enough to avoid a pet tragedy from happening in your home.”

5. Last but not least, be sure that your pet is getting all the right nutrients. With so many options available to pet owners, choosing the right food can be confusing, and how does one know that their pet is getting all the much needed nutrients? Just as humans benefit from vitamin and herbal supplements, so can pets, if they are the right supplements of course.  We recommend SomaPet!  SomaPet is 100% natural and will help combat the effects an unnatural diet can have on your pet. Find out more about the science behind SomaPet here: SomePet Pet Science. 

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